We Write Copy

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We write copy.

Sooo … here’s the skinny. We love words. Like – a lot. And not in the Grammar Nazi, every-word-and-punctuation-mark-has-to-be-perfect kind of way … Well, not JUST in that way. We love the lyrical beauty of a well-formed sentence. We love the persuasive magic of a clever phrase.

The great news is: so does Google.

With nimble algorithms (aka: Maths) and relentless updates, Google makes sure that the content they deliver to their users – those people looking for the stuff you’re offering – is actually what they’re looking for. All search engines do it. It’s why it’s so important to optimise your content for search … and discovery. You need to know the words your target audience uses to find you. And you need to use those words in your copy.

But we want to let you in on a secret: we don’t write for Google. We don’t write for algorithms. We write for people. We write copy that engages, delights, and educates the people you want to sell to or work with.

Education as a platform for engagement

“Wait – what?!” we hear you say. “Education? We need to go back to school? We need to offer training to our clients? We need to learn stuff?!”

No. You don’t. (Well, maybe you do … but that’s a different conversation. We should always be learning. It’s how we grow.)

When we talk about education as a platform for marketing that engages, what we mean by all those big-ass, jargon-y words is that we take your visitors on a journey. We find out where they are at the start of that journey (#research. Because we’re stats geeks.) … and we fix a goal for where we want them to be by the end of that journey. Then we beat a path through the swirling undergrowth of your anonymity, to take the audience to that destination. From never having heard of you, to becoming a raving fan. From zero to hero.

We’re adventure wordsmiths.

Join us for the ride.